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Welcome to A Sportsman's Paradise

Step aboard the Pelicans Roost Lodge and into sportsman's paradise. We offer various outdoor excursions that appeal to many outdoor enthusiasts professionally guided by some of Louisiana's finest charter captains. Located just a short drive from New Orleans the Pelicans Roost Resort and its' staff can cater to you and your guests while you embark out into Louisiana's most prime hunting and fishing habitats.


Relax & Unwind

New Orleans premier all-inclusive sportsman's resort and entertainment venue. The Pelicans Roost is the perfect place to entertain, relax and enjoy everything there is in the Louisiana marsh. Our friendly staff is willing and ready to show you and your guests what true southern hospitality is all about, while our dedicated team of experienced outdoor guides take you on an adventure of a lifetime targeting local saltwater species of fish, migratory birds and the infamous Louisiana alligator.


Your Outdoor Adventure Awaits

Inshore Fishing


Delacroix's inshore saltwater fishing charters provide the perfect opportunity for anglers of all ages to experience the thrill of catching hard-fighting redfish and lunker largemouth bass, guided by our dedicated experts who know the waters inside out.

Bow Fishing


Experience the exhilaration of night time bow fishing trips in the marshes of Delacroix, where you can stealthily navigate and target various species, even if you're new to bow shooting.

Cast & Blast

Cast & Blast trips are a great way to fit "more" into your outdoor experience. Packed with both a morning duck hunt immediately followed up with an exciting inshore saltwater fishing trip.

Alligator Hunts

Embark on seasonal Louisiana alligator hunts, available only in September, with limited spots filling up fast, so book in advance to secure your thrilling hunt while our expert guides prioritize safety throughout the experience.


Amazing place. Everything in there means something and has some historic value. Attentive staff, clean clean clean. Food... amazing. Charter boats and fish caught, second to none. Will definitely be heading back again.

4258 Delacroix Hwy

Delacroix, LA 70085

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